Downtown Production

Exists to create a central point for the Festival, in which visitors may acquire information, German Entertainment and food. The Committee is responsible for decorating this central hub, in a way that will draw visitors in and keep them interested. Design a flow from one end of the street to the other, in which tents will hold information, vendors and entertainment.

* The committee volunteers set up and dismantle the blockades, stages, tents and signage in the Willkommen Platz and Zentrum.
* Placement of vendors and décor are also arranged by the committee.
* Coordinates and schedules a wide variety of entertainment (i.e. bands, buskers and mascots) to perform in the downtown area.
* The committee works closely with the Board and other relevant committees (i.e. Marketing & P.R., Gemuetlichkeit).
* Wears authentic tracht while volunteering in the central hub.
* Will always respect other volunteers.

* Committee members bring a variety of experience and expertise, many having specific skills that relate to production, entertainment and marketing.
* A commitment and a willingness to learn and contribute.
* Negotiating, planning, communications and interpersonal skills are important.