Festhallen Operations & Accreditation

This committee is responsible for ensuring that the various Festhallen and accredited Community Partners meet the high standards expected by the festival.  It is our desire that the patrons of Oktoberfest get fair value for their money and that the Festhalle operator enjoys similar benefits in providing quality entertainment and services to the clientele.

* Invite participation from the various ethnic organizations, service clubs, and establishments as Festhallen and accredited Community Partners.
* Act as liaison between K-W Oktoberfest Inc. and the accredited Festhallen and Community Partners.
* Establish and control the quality of services offered by them to the public during Oktoberfest.
* Work with the Festhallen to create an environment that is beneficial for all patrons.
* Liaise and cooperate with the A.G.C.O., Health Departments, Police Departments, Fire Department, and Fire Prevention in order to ensure that the necessary standards and various safety laws and precautions are in place at festhallen and Community Partners.
* Organize the ‘Accredited Products Night’ and ‘Security Night’ and assist with ‘Awards Night’. Facilitate the Smart Serve and Safe Food Handling workshops.

Working knowledge of, or the ability to read and comprehend legislation and by-laws.

* Excellent negotiation, people skills and the ability to use tact in difficult situations.
* An “eye for detail” plus objective observation skills.
* Committee members should wear tracht while performing official duties.