Volunteer Process

Culinary Committee working together at Stein & Dine

Culinary Committee – Stein & Dine Event 2016

Because Committees are actively engaged in planning throughout the year, they normally meet for a few hours every month to administer committee business and stay abreast of Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest initiatives. Volunteers are asked to allocate a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer time per committee to the Festival each year.

As a new Festival volunteer, you will need to:

• attend a Volunteer Orientation workshop
• provide us with a Police Records check (approx. cost is $10 every five years)
• because of entering licensed festhallen, you must be at least the legal age of majority (19 years)
• depending on the function of the committee, you may be required to wear German tracht (dirndls, lederhosen, etc.)

If you are interested in volunteering, we invite you to fill our the application form online. For more information, contact us!

If you are already a Festival volunteer, please feel free to encourage and invite family and friends to become volunteers.