Festival Entertainment

Currently the Committee covers entertainment at all events at Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest. This includes local dance group bookings and schedules.

The Committee also has a Sub-committee, known as the “Ein Prosit Awards,” which goes around and judges the hired bands on a set of criteria, last year it was sponsored by Jack Links.

Any entertainment request from outside the Festival, that would like an Oktoberfest flavour, is connected with entertainment (band and/or dance group) by this Committee. This happens on a year-round basis.

They are organizing all they do through a centralized database of all entertainment available – it will be made available to any local accredited hall/event can pull info from this database. There are plans to be very comprehensive not only of music and dance, but novelty acts and more. They will have booking costs, touring dates, etc. Currently the Committee receives requests from both inside and outside the organization for all sorts of entertainment from a two person group that does 5 minute acts such as organ grinding, accordion, facepaint etc. to larger bands or dance groups.