The Maypole Committee is devoted to maintaining a Bavarian Tradition within our Canadian culture. This Committee brings a visual event to our guests and visitors, which is something they may not see or experience anywhere else. This Committee must also facilitate a safe environment where specific health and safety rules are followed, so as to ensure safety of both spectators and volunteers. An honourary Baumeister is designated for every lift and is given a ceremonial pin for his/her participation (a way in which to include the community/visitors).

* Tracht necessary.
* Must show high level of enthusiasm before, during and after every event.
* Must be familiar with maypole history and tradition.
* Must take part in training course on health and safety procedures for Maypole.

* Strength is an asset as the raising of the Maypole is strenuous work.
* Enthusiastic personality.
* Be prepared to be an ambassador for the Festival.