Miss Oktoberfest

Miss Oktoberfest Committee

Committee Description:

The Miss Oktoberfest Committee coordinates the process of selecting a great ambassador for the festival, both during the festival period and throughout the year. Miss Oktoberfest has been a tradition since the festival’s inception and has transitioned to the current ambassador role. No longer a ‘pageant’, the Miss Oktoberfest Committee works together to find eligible candidates in Waterloo Region, and provide each candidate with opportunities for personal growth, skills development as well as community involvement opportunities.

The Miss Oktoberfest Committee works in three main areas;

  1. Escorting Miss Oktoberfest: providing chaperones for candidates as well as Miss Oktoberfest throughout the year to ensure safety and well-being at all events.
  2. Interview Panel: Securing well qualified and respected members of the local community to assist us in selecting the most qualified ambassador for the festival and community
  3. Recruitment: engaging qualified candidates to apply for the Miss Oktoberfest Ambassador Role


Key Responsibilities;

  1. Develop and institute a plan to attract a diverse range of candidates to represent “Canada’s Greatest Bavarian Festival.”
  2. Promote the Miss Oktoberfest ambassador role and the positive impact the young women have on our local community
  3. Secure approximately 20 qualified candidate applications in advance of the deadline
  4. Curate the interview panel that will select the incoming Miss Oktoberfest ambassador”


  1. Creative, motivated, diligent and dedicated self-starter who is able to complete tasks
  2. Excellent planning and organizational skills
  3. Comfortable in a leadership position at large events
  4. Strong passion for the local community and supporting young women
  5. Willing to work as part of a team