Miss Oktoberfest

The Miss Oktoberfest Committee is significant in selecting a great ambassador for the festival week and also throughout the year. Miss Oktoberfest has been a tradition over the years and adds attractiveness to the Bavarian event. In recent years, the change of focus to local talent; has brought the Committee the challenge of finding eligible candidates in the greater Golden Tri-Angle.

Hostess Committee: Provides chaperones for contestants as well as Miss Oktoberfest throughout the year.

Judging Committee: Responsible for securing the services of well qualified and well respected members of the community to act as judges.

Recruitment: Responsible for recruitment of contestants for the Miss Oktoberfest Competition.

* Develop and institute a plan to draw and secure the best potential candidates to represent “Canada’s Greatest Bavarian Festival.”
* Promote the image of Miss Oktoberfest winners to attain a higher profile in an outside our community.
* Have a minimum of 20 candidate applications completed in advance of the deadline.
* Firm advertising dates set for marketing with radio, print and TV by June 1st.
* Selection and Commitment of all Judges by August.

* Creative, motivated, diligent and dedicated self-starter who is able to complete tasks.
* Excellent planning and organizational skills.