Public Relations

Public Relations is an integral Committee within the Marketing Umbrella, responsible for all aspects of communication with internal and external stakeholders and audiences. The Committee is responsible for ensuring that the positive and strategic Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest image, branding and messaging are maintained and developed. This involves media relations: interviews, news releases, promotional tours, Media Night, and scripts. They also work to explore and develop strategies and opportunities to promote participation and goodwill with the identified target audiences (19-34, baby-boomers, those interested in Germanic-Bavarian culture).

* Maintain Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest’s positive public image and develop programs aimed at improving community relations for the Festival.
* Assist the President in appearances and speeches in conjunction with the Executive Director.
* Prepare and distribute media releases on behalf of the Festival.
* Provide suggestions and input for updating the festival’s website.
* Ensure that the local media is aware of festival news and events.
* Continue to seek out new media opportunities to publicize our Festival.

* High level of commitment with strong interpersonal skills, demonstrated leadership and organizational ability.
* A sensitivity to the public image of the Festival and the willingness to wear tracht.
* A background in public relations, desktop publishing, artwork, layout and design, HTML, distribution and/or media advertising field is a definite asset.