Lorraine Cress
Lorraine Cress joined Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest in 1985, starting with the Coin Committee, acting as its Chair from 1999 until 2003 when the committee disbanded. Her commitment to the Festival did not end there however, and Lorraine was transferred to the Lottery Committee and still serves that worthy community program today. Lorraine has also served on the Advisory Council, as Vice-Chair of the Volunteer Committee (2007), and on the Board of Directors from 1999 – 2003. Her wonderful dedication and experience made Lorraine an excellent candidate to take the helm of the Buttons Committee in 2008. When not working on the Festival, Lorraine is in financial planning with ScotiaBank. Over the last 24 years, Lorraine’s positive attitude and constant willingness to help and guide are what make Lorraine an excellent resource for other volunteers and a tremendous asset to the Festival.

Paul Hauck
For the past 22 years, Paul Hauck has been rolling up his sleeves as a member of the Parade Committee; annually producing the largest Thanksgiving Day Parade in Canada! Since first joining the Parade Marshaling sub-committee in 1986, Paul has proven to be a dedicated volunteer and is considered a real ‘work-horse’ by his fellow committee members. Paul has served in almost all aspects of the Parade, both as a volunteer and as a coordinator, including Marshaling, Float Construction & Float Maintenance, Parade Warehouse and the Parade Executive, on which Paul has served as Vice-Chair since 2005. When he’s not thinking about the Parade, Paul is helping out with the Volunteer Golf Tournament. When he’s not building floats Paul works for Maple Leaf Foods (Schneiders). A quiet and friendly person, Paul is known to be found anywhere and everywhere when it comes to the Parade and Volunteer Golf Tournament.

Jane Jantzi
Since first joining the festival in 1996, Jane Jantzi has been instrumental in the growth of the A Blooming Affair Fashion Show into the successful event it is today. From 1996 to 2007 Jane was a vibrant and enthusiastic member of the committee, particularly in the years she served as Committee Chair (2001-2004). Jane always ensured all the volunteers had clear objectives and led the committee with both strategy and action, and Jane remains the number one best ticket seller for that event! Jane also served the overall Festival as a member of the Board of Directors (2001-2004), the Advisory Council (2004-2006) and the Community Advisory Council (2007-2009). Jane is a Senior Manager of Business Development at Deloitte. She is a respected leader, a consummate professional, and is admired and looked-up-to by her fellow volunteers.

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