Brigitte Budaker
Brigitte Budaker, a former Miss Transylvania, is in her 26 year of service with Kitchener- Waterloo Oktoberfest. While the majority of her time has been spent with the Conventions Committee, her background includes several years on the former International Talent Committee and many volunteer hours at the Parade and with the Gemuetlichkeit committee. Brigitte takes on roles with pride, integrity and class regardless of whether it is a high-profile function or a not-so-pretty task.

Brigitte’s command of the German language puts others at ease, engaging visitors in the official language of Oktoberfest. She possesses a calm and accommodating demeanor while still being able to make the tough decisions. When you’re working with Brigitte, she’s either leading the charge or she’s got your back, either way, you know you’re in a good place when she’s around!

Brad Coles
Brad Coles has been a volunteer with Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest since 2010 serving on both the Gemuetlichkeit and Mascot committee. He has also been an active member with Oberkrainer Haus (SAVA Club).

Brad is always willing to volunteer and help out on any event, he even goes out of his way to make himself available when you’re in a pinch. Whenever a request is put out to the Mascot Committee, whether it is to be Onkel Hans, a Steiner brother or an escort, Brad is on it. He is always quick to reply and extremely reliable.

While Brad may not always be the most visible, he is always professional and at all times ensures everyone has an amazing Oktoberfest experience.

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